Flowerizing people. FloriWorld allows you to discover and experience what flowers and plants do to you in your daily and social life and their effect on your health.

FloriWorld is a high-profile and alluring attraction for national and international tourists, but also for relations and administrators, scholars and students and business visitors. FloriWorld is the home base of the sector and contributes to the top of mind position of flowers and plants of consumers and stakeholders. FloriWorld is an enrichment of the tourism offerings in the immediate vicinity of Amsterdam and Schiphol, in the heart of Dutch identity. FloriWorld fits in perfectly with the policy of more spreading of tourists in relation to Amsterdam and is part of the Bloemenlijn (Flower Line) in the HollandCity policy of NBTC.

FloriWorld is an attractive mix of wonder, delight and surprise. You experience a spectacular, fun and educational exploration through the world of flowers and plants. You become aware of how flowers and plants contribute to your well-being and your health. In FloriWorld, awareness and experience go hand in hand and reinforce each other. In this way we hit three birds with one stone: a special outing full of experiences, an enrichment of your personal life and a strengthening of the top of mind position of flowers and plants. In this way, FloriWorld simultaneously fulfils the visitor’s experience goal and the marketing goal of the sector. Flowerizing people in optima forma.

FloriWorld is being built alongside the Legmeerdijk in Aalsmeer and will open its doors in the first quarter of 2020.


FloriWorld is an initiative of the shareholders in collaboration with KondorWessels projects


Royal FloraHolland

Bloemenbureau Holland

Dutch Experience Group


Dutch Experience Group


Founding Fathers

Royal FloraHolland

KondorWessels Projecten

Dutch Flower Group

Waterdrinker Aalsmeer



Founding Partners

Koninklijke Lemkes Groep

Oudendijk International BV

Timaflor Ltd

Founding Friends


Fresco Flowers

Floral Trade Group



Takii Europe

Lucas Vos


Press kit

Opening May 2020


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